International cargo transportation

The unified cargo service "Cargo Express", which has managed to win a worthy place in the Armenian market, offers a wide range of services at a high-quality professional level. We specialize in the urgent delivery of combined and complete cargoes on the territory of Russia, Armenia, as well as to the CIS countries and far abroad. In addition to cargo transportation, we also provide logistics services, warehousing services, cargo insurance at low rates, movers' services, as well as domestic transportation. Cargo transportation is carried out both by land, sea, and air transport.

Which countries are cargo transportation carried out with?

The Cargo Express Unified cargo service carries out cargo transportation with the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, European countries, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and in the opposite direction.

How are cargo transportation prices formed?

The cost of cargo transportation consists of many factors. Such as:

  • the weight and the dimensional characteristics of the transported cargo;

  • the type of vehicle engaged in cargo transportation;

  • the type of cargo.

The cost of cargo transportation is calculated according to the following principles:

  • if cargo weighs more than 100 kg., the number of pallets is used;

  • in case the weight does not exceed 100 kg., it is calculated according to the tariff for 1 kg.

What documents are required for registration of transportation?

Cargo transportation in the international direction requires registration of a number of documents. These include:

  • International Consignment Note (CMR). This document contains information about the recipient, information about the carrier, as well as about the place of unloading of the cargo.

  • Invoice (invoice). It contains information about the name of the transported goods, the quantity and cost of goods, the details of the cargo carrier and the recipient.

When transporting certain types of cargo, certificates are required.

How to order a cargo transportation service?

To order international transportation services to Armenia or in the opposite direction, the customer needs to register on which is the online platform of the Cargo Express company. Next, the user sets the direction of cargo transportation, and the automated system selects the most profitable option through an auction, and transmits it to the customer as soon as possible. Having a guarantee in the person of Cargo Express, you can be sure of the complete safety of your cargo, being provided the best service and, of course, saving your own time. By cooperating with the Cargo Express service system, you can be sure of a high-quality and effective approach to solving your tasks!