Warehousing services

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The unified cargo service "Cargo Express” provides a wide variety of services, which include transport and warehousing services, international and domestic transportation, organization of warehousing services, documentation, insurance of cargo transportation at low rates, provision of consulting services, etc.

Warehouse storage services

Warehouse storage services presented at Cargo Express are reliability, safety, low prices, high-quality and responsible service. You are offered cargo warehousing services, regardless of whether you are a shipper or a consignee. In addition to providing warehouses, if necessary, you will be provided with a full range of warehouse services at low rates.

Warehouse storage includes the following services:

  • Receiving/unloading of goods;

  • Distribution of goods in the warehouse;

  • Creation of conditions for safe storage of goods.

By trusting the Cargo Express service, you can be sure of the complete safety and integrity of your cargo.

The cost of transport and storage services

The cost of transport and storage services in the Cargo Express service is formed by the company's employees individually for each client. When calculating the cost of transport and storage services, factors as such are taken into account:

  • type of warehouse;

  • duration of the warehouse lease,

  • dimensions, cargo category,

  • location of storage facilities.