Internal transportation

Domestic cargo transportation (Russia, Armenia)

The unified cargo service "Cargo Express" provides the service of internal cargo transportation in the cities and regions of Armenia. Within the framework of domestic transportation, transport companies that carry out the transportation of full, combined cargo within Armenia are represented. Automobile transport is used to carry out internal cargo transportation in Armenia. “Cargo Express is ready to offer you the best conditions for domestic transportation in Armenia and high service in cargo transportation for reasonable amount.

How are the prices for freight transportation in Armenia formed?

The cost of freight transportation in Armenia is formed according to the following factors:

  • weight of the transported cargo;
  • distance of the transportation route;
  • Delivery time;
  • Type of vehicle used.
What documents are required for registration of transportation?

The main documents required for registration of transportation within Armenia are:

  • Bill of lading.
  • An invoice that contains complete information about the cargo being transported.

How to order a cargo transportation service in Armenia?

To order cargo transportation services on the territory of Armenia, you need to register on - the online platform of the unified cargo service “Cargo Express". Next, enter the direction of the cargo transportation you are interested in, and then the automated system will select the most profitable options for you, and in a matter of minutes will provide you with information.