Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance during transportation

Various transport companies which offer favorable conditions for the transportation of goods and cargo insurance at the same time, are represented on the online platform of unifies cargo service “Cargo Express”. Advantages of Cargo Express are:

  • You get an individual approach
  • You are offered the most favorable insurance terms
  • Insurance compensation on time
Cargo insurance conditions

Cargo insurance is valid from the moment the cargo is loaded into the vehicle and continues throughout the entire transportation. Cargo insurance conditions are formed based on the characteristics of cargo transportation and the choice of the amount of protection against possible risks. You are provided with the services of both a one-time insurance policy and an insurance contract based on systematic transportation of various goods for a certain period. To order cargo insurance services, you first need to register at - the online platform of the unified cargo service “Cargo Express". Next, enter the direction you are interested in for cargo transportation, and then the automated system of the service, through auctions, will choose the most profitable option for you.

Cost of cargo insurance

The cost of cargo insurance during cargo transportation depends on:

  • the weight and size characteristics of the transported cargo
  • hazard class of the transported cargo;
  • type of cargo
  • transportation route
  • type of vehicle
  • the range of the distance of cargo transportation

In the automated system of the Cargo Express online platform, cargo insurance is carried out at the lowest rates available on the logistics services market.