Parcel delivery

Air Train Boat Car
Minimal weight 1 kg - - 50 kg
Maximal weight 1000 kg - - 22000 kg
Minimal price/1kg 9600 AMD - - 8600 AMD
Time of arrival 5 day - - 10-12 day

The unified cargo service "Cargo Express" offers its services for the prompt delivery of parcels to Armenia, from Armenia and within the country. Parcel delivery via the Cargo Express service allows to minimize the delivery time by optimizing routes and developing unique logistics solutions.

Parcel delivery to Armenia

Transport companies which are represented on the online platform of the unified cargo service "Cargo Express" are meant to deliver parcels even from the most remote parts of the world, such as: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, European countries, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India. The unified cargo service "Cargo Express" is a guarantee of quality service, confidentiality of any cargo, an individual approach to each client.

Parcel delivery from Armenia

Delivery of parcels from Armenia is carried out to the CIS countries, Europe, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India. Delivery of parcels is carried out by air or road transport. Taking into account the interests of the client and the characteristics of the cargo, our automated system selects the best options for solving the task.

Parcel delivery in Armenia

In addition to what has been mentioned above, the online platform of the company "Cargo Express" contains regularly updated catalogs of companies which provide parcel delivery services in the cities of Armenia. A door-to-door parcel delivery option is also available, which is calculated at a special rate, and as a result, the customer saves both time and money.

How much does parcel delivery cost?

By choosing the Cargo Express service, you get a wonderful opportunity to choose for yourself the best conditions for sending a parcel to/across Armenia, or out of its borders. The cost of parcel delivery depends on the distance, the dimensions of the parcel, the way it is delivered. To apply for a parcel delivery service, you must register on the online platform - , fill out an application, and within some minutes an automated system will select the best option for you through bidding

How to track the following of the parcel?

In order not to worry about the safety of the cargo and the delivery time, the unified cargo service "Cargo Express" provides the ability to track parcels by order number. To do this, you need to enter the digital code issued to the customer of the cargo on the online platform, and you will receive information about the location and status of your cargo